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Air Freight

The scale and scope of Air cargo transportation
is to have the time definite shipment that must be
shipped by predetermined time and guaranteed
quality delivery of the cargo with the most
economical cost.

CONFREIGHT  understood the concept of
air freight industry that empowered us to provide an excellent Import & Export air freight services door-to-door.


Sea Freight 


Perceiving the transportation alternatives
opened to the globe is the key component
of the framework in sea freight services.

CONFREIGHT is professionally managing the
involved parties with a remarkable harmony for both FCL & LCL operations. With great relations & contracts with shipping lines & coleaders and smooth cooperation.


Land Freight

Road freight "trucking" is still an important mean
of transportation that is dominated by a different
domestic rules and regulations within countries
Within the differences restrictions & regulations CONFREIGHT succeed to form a virtual smooth road freight that is able to overcome such differentiations. 


Custom Clearance 


While Custom Clearance formalities

is much easy much smooth but still

it makes a worries for customers

especially in the matter of imported

cargo more than the exported.
Here we differentiate ourselves than
others - Awareness of rules
& laws of import & export. - Understanding cargos types & customs tariff. - Updated ourselves with the worldwide rules & laws & follow up the governmental publications.

We have developed a general modelling of a tactical planning of freight transportation. Each shipment, each piece is a unique that we provide a special handling with economical cost in a punctual time. A dedicated team focusing to manage a several involved parties List

It is much important to provide a peace of mind to our customer in case of need to relocate the accommodation. Our expert team professionally handles the service in a style that gives the customer a sense of luxury